The fact that you are reading this suggests that you, a relative or a friend may have been found to have a disease in the chest that may require surgery. If so, then the information contained in this booklet may be of help to you.

It is always a difficult time to go through when you have been told you suffer from a chest disease. There are so many anxieties and worries that can seem to overwhelm you at times. What does this disease mean to my life and my lifestyle? What will the impact on my family be? How will I cope with the symptoms and complications? These and other concerns are real.
The good news amongst all the bad news is: sometimes surgery can effectively treat your chest disease. Your own doctor will advise you if surgery may be suitable in your case. Nonetheless, for many people, the treatment itself can generate as much anxiety as the disease itself. What does surgery involve? What are the risks and how much will it hurt? Can I tolerate a major operation? Having treated many patients like yourself, we can understand your concerns. And we know that getting the right information can soothe those concerns and help you prepare for the next step of your treatment.

This booklet aims to provide you with an introduction to surgery in the chest (also called the thorax by doctors). In particular, it will introduce you to Thoracoscopic Surgery – which means 'keyhole' or Minimally Invasive Surgery in the chest. This advanced approach to operating in the chest can potentially benefit patients like you, so it may be important for you to know more about it.

The Asia Thoracoscopic Surgery Education Program
Alan Sihoe., M.D. (Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong)